Saturday, September 28, 2013

Almost Home, day 28, 30 day challenge

Almost Home, oil on paper, 6 x 8"
day 28, 30 day challenge
SOLD ©Maggie Ruley 2013

I am having a give-away!

Here is how it works.  Leave a comment on my post and you will be entered to win.  I am going to give away one painting a week for the duration of the 30 Day Challenge, (the month of September, 2013). If you comment daily on my posts then you can be entered up to 7 times to win.  The winner will have their choice of any unsold painting of the week. 

Those of you who subscribe by e-mail to this blog can either reply to the e-mail, or comment and you will be entered.

Please note this drawing is going to be casual.  I am not hiring any fancy auditing company to do the selection.  It is going to be a plain old pieces of paper in a bowl thing.

If you are the winner your painting will be shipped to you after it has dried, which can take one to two weeks with oils
To see more of the challenge paintings click here.


  1. Such lively tropical.

    1. My palms are getting better, you can't be too fussy.

  2. Love the colors. I will miss seeing your work every day after the 30 day challenge is over.

  3. Love colors in the sky and how it carries on to the beach....brushstrokes are so free! Great painting!


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