Monday, February 27, 2012

Robert Burridge

We love the pelican.
I spent last Thursday through Sunday in a Robert Burridge workshop. I had a wonderful experience. He gives you a ton of info that at times seems overwhelming. I had a pretty good grip on what I was doing because this was my second workshop with him. See my May 2009 blog posts for details on what his workshops are like. I feel that my second workshop with him was more sucessful for me than the first. I knew what to expect and was ready for it and I didn't try to do everything he threw at us, but stayed focused on just a couple of exercises.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keeping Busy

Just after my kiln broke I left town to go visit family. I had a great time, but now that I am back I am working double time to catch up. My co-op gallery has been very busy and I am doing my best to keep the shelves stocked. The photo above shows some items that came out of the last good firing. The good news on the kiln is that the part is on the way and should be here Friday.

HOWEVER, there always seems to be "however", starting tomorrow I am going to be in a 4 day Robert Burridge workshop at The Studios of Key West. I took a workshop from him several years ago and I am very excited about this one. There is going to be a plein air emphasis in this workshop that should be amazing. But since the workshop is 9 to 4 each day the kiln repair may have to wait until next Monday.

Even though I haven't been firing I have been making some new items. Last month's portrait workshop got me interested in the human form and I have made some small trays with female figures and faces in black and white only. And I am working on a new small wall turtle similar to the wall fish I make. Next time I post about clay I hope to have some photos of them to show you.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


See that dark round speck on the side wall of my kiln? Well something got on the element and burnt through it during my last firing. So the kiln didn't get hot enough at the top and now I have to get a new element and repair the kiln. It's always something.

But here are a few things that came out of the last firing. Some plaques for Margaritaville, and odds and ends for the gallery.

Some experimental sushi type dishes, faces and pineapples.

Some special order flip flops that had to match the fabric swatches. They have holes in them because they are going to be attached to a curtain valance. The drapery lady said she would sent me a photo after she got them installed.

And some mugs for the gallery and some mugs for Margaritaville. I am going to North Carolina to celebrate my Dad's birthday and when I come back I will have to get that kiln fixed because I have orders to do.

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