Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Painting Studio, before and after

 It's a second floor walk up in an old conch house in Old Town Key West.
 With wavy glass windows and lots of light.
 It has a great built in cupboard and creaky wood floors.
 I brought in my painting gear, put down a rug to quiet the floor and my friend David Scott Meier gave me the fabulous chair and some lovely roses.
 I put the chair where I can sit back and look at the easel.  I put the easel so I don't look into the light from the windows.  I am currently working on a sunflower painting and I want to be looking right into their faces, so I am sitting at their level while I paint.

In June I answered  a "call for artists" from the The Studios of Key West, they were looking for artists to fill recently vacant studios.  The written part of the applications was due July 1st.  That was followed by an interview and then the anxious waiting to see if I was selected. I was thrilled when I found out I was. The studio became vacant August 8th and I moved in that day.  My pottery studio remains in my house, but now I can paint in a wonderful air conditioned space where my paints can stay out and waiting for me.  I neglected to take photos of the outside.  I will do that next.

Thank you DSM for the chair.  Thank you TSKW for accepting me.  David has a blog too, check it out when you get a chance.
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