Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's hard work being one of Santa' helpers!

 I'm cranking out the mugs...
 ......and rolling out the plaques,
 to help make sure that all of Jimmy's fans have a wonderful holiday season.
I was thrilled to be included in Margaritaville's Christmas catalog.  I have been making mugs and plaques non-stop for quite awhile now. ( Well, I did take a little break at Thanksgiving to enjoy my family.)  However, the exposure has been great and the Margaritaville people are a joy to work with, so really who could ask for more.  But please note that I am saving a mug for myself to have a hot buttered rum over the holidays.
Do you want your own copy of the catalog or to view it on line?    Click here to get to then scroll down to  the current issue of the Coconut Telegraph.  I'd love to chat more but I have to get back on that potters wheel.

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