Friday, September 20, 2013

Primavera, #19 30 day challenge

Primavera, acrylic on paper, 7 x 5"
Day 19, 30 Day Challenge
$35 ©Maggie Ruley 2013
I have finished a couple of the tree starts.  These trees were started with a technique taught to me by artist Robert Burridge.  You paint loosely on more than one image at a time, you use a lot of water, and move from frame to frame, trying not to spend too long in any one area.  Then you begin to do some negative shape painting and simplify areas.  Using a discarded mat as you work helps you isolate the painting and show you which areas need work.  This painting took on a more spring like aspect as I worked on it. And the yellow background gives it an Easter feel.  I'll push harder for fall in the next painting.
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I am having a give-away!

Here is how it works.  Leave a comment on my post and you will be entered to win.  I am going to give away one painting a week for the duration of the 30 Day Challenge, (the month of September, 2013). If you comment daily on my posts then you can be entered up to 7 times to win.  The winner will have their choice of any unsold painting of the week. 

Those of you who subscribe by e-mail to this blog can either reply to the e-mail, or comment and you will be entered.

Please note this drawing is going to be casual.  I am not hiring any fancy auditing company to do the selection.  It is going to be a plain old pieces of paper in a bowl thing.

If you are the winner your painting will be shipped to you after it has dried, which can take one to two weeks with oils
To see more of the challenge paintings click here.


  1. Love Bob's work. I often work like this in watercolor, one to the's energetic and fun! Did you take a workshop with him? I love it when he says...'you just make it up, and paint'!

    1. I have taken two of his work shops. First one was like info over load, second one I just picked a couple of things to focus on and it was much more successful. :)

  2. like all the others - BEAUTIFUL! Will hate to see this exercise end.


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