Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bowls and sets for entertaining.

These little bowls I call "dip bowls" because they are intended to hold a dip or spread and I haven't come up with anything more interesting. I have added a "little thing" to hold the spreader knife. The little thing has no name, but when everyone sees one in the gallery they go ,"Oh look! It has a little thing to hold the knife". This should make it easier for guests to know what to do with the knife and help keep the table cloth clean. I have fluted the edges of the bowls for fun and they come with the knife. They sell for $29.00 each. They make a nice hostess gift.

I also make sets like this one, a platter that comes with a dip bowl. I occasionally make the traditional dip set where the bowl is attached in the center. But I like the idea of separates because you can get more use out of two pieces. This set is $74.00.


  1. great pictures. Look how many followers you have!!!

  2. These bowls are gorgeous!! Love them!

  3. Thank you Karen, have a great day.


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