Thursday, March 5, 2009


I haven't been very happy with my paintings lately so I keep experimenting with different ideas and techniques to keep myself interested. Yesterday I attached small tree branches from the sea grape tree in my yard to my paint brushes. This in not my idea. This idea comes from California painter Robert Burridge. The canvas surface is flat (rather than verticle on an easel) on a low table. The extra long handled brushes make it hard for the painter to have total controll over the paint strokes. This technique keeps the work loose and impressionistic. Notice the canvas isn't stretched. I have just clipped it to a large board. And the canvas isn't primed. For some reason I really like the look and feel of painting on on unprimed canvas. Because I am using acrylic paintings this isn't a problem. Oil paint has to go on primed canvas or the solvents used will eat into the canvas fibers.
Here is the painting a little further along. The red under painting is slowly getting covered. I won't cover it all. A little red peeking through adds excitement. I am not sure how this painting will end up, but using new techniques is very exciting. By the way this painting is large, 24"x36"


  1. Maggie- Its cool. Like the more red in top painting but its fresh and loose. Looks like fun.

  2. Love the look - and love how you show the progression of things. I am sure the finished masterpiece will be spectacular.


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