Acrylic painting supplies 

Below is a complete list of acrylic painting supplies.  Don't let it freak you out. You can start out with these items:

4 tubes of paint: white, red, yellow, blue  Tip: Do not buy a set of paints, they contain colors we will not use in my classes.

A canvas or panel and 2 or 3 brushes.

Here is a list of fundamental painting supplies that you will find helpful for any acrylic painting class you take. Or if you'd like to start painting on your own at home.

 Please note in the studio I supply paper towels, styro plates for palettes, and I always have brushes and paint you can use to fill in your supplies. An easel is not necessary in my classes.


Student grade paints are acceptable, except for white.  If at all possible buy a good quality white paint, such as Liquitex or Golden.

These are the colors I consider essential for acrylic painting:

These are colors that create a bright tropical painting.  
These may be different from the colors you have used before, but these colors do well for tropical subject matter.

 naphthol red medium or cadmium red medium

 azo yellow medium or cadmium yellow medium

 phthalo blue

phthalo green

dioxizine purple 

quinacridone Magenta

titanium white 

Optional colors

Ivory Black

Terra Cotta

Turquoise ( you can mix your own, but the premixed are easy)

Orange ( here again, a premixed is just easy)

Lemon Yellow


Brushes are sold by size, shape and what they are made of. I like white nylon brights or natural bristle brights. 

#4 bright

#6 bright

#8 bright

#2 round - a small brush for details

And 1 large brush

A palette to mix your paints

If you don't have a professional acrylic palette, Styrofoam plates can be used.  You will probably use 2 or 3 each session.  I save the Styrofoam trays that meat and vegetables come in from the grocery store and use those. 

A stretched canvas, your choice of size. While canvas panels are more economical, the poor quality of the canvas makes them harder to paint on.

Other supplies


An apron or clothes you don't care about

Pencil and eraser

Sketch pad or paper

Where to buy supplies in Key West

Books and Books, the new bookstore and art supply store in the TSKW building, corner of Simonton and Eaton.

Keys Framing and Art Supplies (on Truman Ave

On line:

Jerry's Artarama

Dick Blick

Cheap Joe's

Maggie Ruley is a studio artist living in Key West, Florida. 

Her colorful paintings and tropical pottery are collected world wide and can be found in many island homes. She has been featured in the Key West Citizen,
the New York Daily News , and other publications.

Her handmade ceramic flip flops have been sold in gift shops all along the east coast and in California and Hawaii.

 Her studio-gallery is located in the Historic Seaport area of Old Town Key West.
Maggie Ruley~Island Inspirations
933b Fleming St.
Key West Florida 33042

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