Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Taking Names

What's been bothering me.

During the winter months my classes get a big influx of students who only spend a few months here.  When they arrive back in town in January I always ask them how their painting went during our time apart. 

Most of the time (seriously 97%) the answer I get is, "I wanted to paint, or take a class or something, but it just didn't happen."

That got me to thinking, if that's happening to the majority of my students, I bet it's happening to other painters too.  Makes sense to me.

I'm working on a free on-line class to help with that.

The class isn't finished and ready to roll out yet, but I'm starting to take names for it and I'm pleased by the response I've gotten so far.

If you're interested leave a comment, or if you get this via email, hit reply and I'll add your name to my list.

If you know someone else who might be interested please feel free to share this with them.

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Maggie Ruley is a studio artist living in Key West, Florida. 

Her colorful paintings and tropical pottery are collected world wide and can be found in many island homes. She has been featured in the Key West Citizen,
the New York Daily News , and other publications.

Her handmade ceramic flip flops have been sold in gift shops all along the east coast and in California and Hawaii.

 Her studio and gallery is located in the historic Seaport area of Old Town Key West.
Maggie Ruley~Island Inspirations
933b Fleming St.
Key West Florida 33042


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