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Take the quiz, what kind of art Is best for you?

Original Art vs. Giclee Reproductions

Which is better?

 I was at the Rick Worth opening at Salt Gallery last weekend when a friend asked me how you can tell the difference between a giclee reproduction* and an original.  I answered her question**, but I could tell that what she was REALLY asking was....."is it okay to buy a giclee?  If she bought one would her friends know it wasn't an original?"   She is not the first person to ask that question, implied or explicit, and she won't be the last. And it's a really good question to consider.

And another question that goes along with the question, "is it okay?" is "which is better?"

Answer: Depends, (done with a shrug of the shoulders and a raised eyebrow)
It depends on how you see yourself in relationship to your art.

Take the quiz below.

 When it comes to buying art:

A.  I very carefully choose my art, sometimes going to 10 galleries and not buying anything.

B.  I buy art to decorate my house.

C.  I'm eclectic my art is eclectic.

answers below

Dinghy Duo
original sold, size 20 x 24"
available as a giclee reproduction
see it here
©Maggie Ruley 2015

If you answered A, you probably will be happier with original paintings or art pieces. All the hard work and searching you do will become part of the story you tell about how you found this particular piece. Fine art or not-so-fine art, each one will have a special place in your collection.

If you answered B,  the next question is how often do you re-decorate?  Are you shabby chic this year, but planning to switch to mid-century modern next?  And even planning the redo after that?
If you're a frequent re-decorator then maybe giclee reproductions are for you.  You can use them to turn this year's version of your house into a home you love..........and not feel too bad if you pass them on to others when you decide to redo. 
If you plan for your décor to last for awhile, buy a mix of what works for you.  Whether its original or not, if it fits in and makes you happy, grab it.

If you answered C, you probably don't care about the answer to the question.  You never even asked it in the first place.  You buy something because you like it, period - end of story.

Okay, these, of course, are my answers to the question.  They are only opinions.  You should always listen to your own opinions, and do what feels right. stuff my lawyer would make me say if I had a lawyer.

Both original paintings and giclee reproductions have a place in the art world.  It's just a matter of what works for you.

**I answered my friend's "how do you tell?" question like this. Look at the sides of the painting. A giclee often has the image mirrored on the sides and if you look closely you'll notice a very slight shift in pattern or image.  Not easy to do if the giclee has a frame.
Next get up really close to the painting and look for brushwork and raised paint areas.  A giclee won't have them unless the artist has enhanced it with touches of paint. 

Visit my collection of giclee reproductions here  I work with a small boutique printing company. I'll be happy to add brushwork and details to your giclee, send me an email with your request. 

*What exactly is a giclee?  Read more.

The Super Secret September Special is still going on.

If you lost the link, here it is.  Take a look and see if the painting you love is still available.

Everyone have a great week.
super big hugs,

P.S.  Let me know if you are A, B, or C, I'm curious.

P.P.S. I'm a C

Read about Rick Worth

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Aloha Moon
an oldie but a goodie
giclee available by email
original sold, size 30" by 40"
©Maggie Ruley

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