Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dr. Ray does the Happy Dance

 My client Dr. Ray is doing the Happy Dance with his portrait.  Which is a huge sigh of relief for me. You work so very hard on portraits and you want your customers to be happy. Dr. Ray had a very specific wish list for his portrait.

 He didn't want an ordinary soft lines portrait.
 He wanted:
  • a chunky and kind-of-fractured style
  • his stoner eyes and his laugh lines to show,
  •  his sunglasses on (how are you supposed to see his laugh lines?)
  •  a smirk-y smile, even though I told him teeth in a portrait can look cheesy
  • his hair to look unkempt
We spent a lot of time together to make sure we got it right. He loved it and best of all his wife had tears of joy, which is good, cause it was a surprise gift to her from him.
Dr. Ray
acrylic on canvas
©Maggie Ruley 2015
P.S. I think I repainted the mouth about 15 times.


  1. Hi Maggie
    Looks to me like you did everything that the good Dr. wanted-great painting! It is very alive, not static and has your creative energy all over it; and I think you indicated the sun glasses very well. (What a kind and happy face he has.)

    1. Thank you so very much, Steven. I appreciate the insights.

  2. Not sure what he looks like in real life nevertheless this iS awesome!

    1. Thanks, CIF, he looks pretty much like that. His wife recognized it as a pic of him.
      This rain we just got has turned it über humid down here, probably the same up the road, eh? Well summer is here.

  3. I'd be doing the happy dance, too. What a great painting!!


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