Friday, September 5, 2014

Simplicity Day 6 30 day challenge

There are 2 painting supplies that I find make my life easier when I paint with oils; Weber Res-n-gel and Winton mixing white.  The res-n-get is a paint extender and drying agent that adds a beautiful uniform sheen to the colors and the mixing white is a big soft fluffy white paint a little on the cool side.  Making painting easier is a good thing.  I can stay in a positive mood and create more to send out into the world.  I call it
 -paint and release-
oil on canvas panel
11" x 14"
© Maggie Ruley 2014

Today's painting is inspired by the painting seen here

The photo below is a more accurate color representation of today's painting.  The photo above is a little on the warm side. 

Always buy the big tubes of white, always, always, always! Unless they are Out :(  Or you just want to test a brand.

A painter needs more than one knife. The unfortunate thing about knives is once they bend they are useless, and they tend to be on the bendy side.  I'm not sure why that little foam brush is in the pic?  Maybe a photo bomb?

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