Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kiss a Fireman ~ Day 11

On 9/11 it seems appropriate to talk about the generosity of others.  Here are two painting tips that have been drilled into me by 2 very generous artists/teachers/mentors.  And they are tips that really work to make your paintings better and are super easy to do.
1 - top photo - A dark line at the base on an object really grounds the object.  I have placed a dark mark at the base of each vase.  Thank you Jim Salem for repeatedly drilling that into me.
2 - bottom photo - A discarded mat close at hand can be used to isolate the image you are working on and give you a clear idea of what your next step should be.  Thank you Robert Burridge.
A big thank you to all the artists/teachers who so generously share their wisdom.
 And today and all days a huge thank you to firemen, police officers and first responders.  A kiss and hug to you all.
acrylic on paper
7 x 5" matted to 10 x 8"
©Maggie Ruley 2014

nine floral paintings in progress
©Maggie Ruley

Thank you to Leslie Saeta for hosting this challenge.

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