Monday, September 8, 2014

Duet ~ Day 9

acrylic on paper
7" x 5" matted to 10" x 8"
©Maggie Ruley 2014

The painting above is the middle painting, middle row in the photo below.  You can see it changes a lot from this stage to the final painting.
This is a painting exercise I learned from artist
Nine little bouquets in progress

Each little painting is starting to take on a life of its own, but I still leave them joined.  They do not get separated until they are all finished.  All of the paintings get worked on at the same time.

To see day 9 from last year
To see the other paintings in the 30 day Challenge


  1. Maggie,
    IT is so great seeing the progression of your floral paintings!
    Your colors are perfect and so happy!
    Are you using fluid acrylics?

    1. Hi Jacklyn, I answered you question in my post today and gave a link to you.

  2. I'm having such fun watching this whole process ... I may not always leave a comment but I'm watching and smiling! Great paint handling!

  3. These are so Happy and fun! LOVE them!

  4. So colorful and vibrant! Makes me feel good. :)


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