Friday, February 14, 2014

Pinterest and Me, and You??

At first I just didn't get it.  A giant on-line bulletin board?  My first thought was "this is going to be something that just uses my time without giving anything back".  Boy-oh-boy was I wrong.  Huge apologies to Pinterest, mea culpa.
Pinterest is a very giving space and that is because of all the engaged people who share. They share tons of useful information in small visual blocks.  I use it way more now than Goggle.  I can get info on make it yourself "green" cleaning products by looking at pictures!  How cool is that.
Let me say that again,
I can get information by looking at pictures!
I have been a Pinterest Member now for about 3 months and I have been busy curating boards that I think my friends will enjoy.
My Pinterest boards so far:
a fun board I can keep building, adding new artists all the time
We have so many galleries in KW, I am adding new ones all the time.
There is always something going on here.  I am wondering if I should divide this into monthly boards?
Photos I have taken and ones that others have posted.
Key West is dog friendly and we should let the world know it.
This board needs serious work, but it will get there.
Self explanatory.
Also self explanatory
My Etsy listings
My Blog in small bites
All things beach related, photos, products, color schemes.
Useful for my paintings, great color combos.
Remarkable reusing of things.
I think I should change this title to something like "Projects for young artists", not sure yet.
Tutorials and how to articles of all kinds.
Self explanatory.
Wonderful Horse photos, and ladies do yourself a favor and check out the cover photo.
Food, glorious food.
I wanted a friend to see some photos and this was an easy way to do it.
Electronic art made by me.

All of these boards are works in progress which makes it fun and evolving. 
 Are you on Pinterest?
Do you like Pinterest? Let me, and my other blog readers know in the comments below.

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