Monday, December 9, 2013

Mural project, day 2

On day 2 of my mural project I loaded the premixed colors in my car and went back to work.  I had premixed 3 different greens, a cool green, a warm green and a yellow green.  I also mixed an orange and a purple. I neglected to mix a couple of browns. In hindsight I wish I had.  The palm tree trunks took a lot of time and if I had a couple of browns it would have been easier.
I save the Styrofoam trays that come from the grocery store to use as palettes and I took a bunch with me.  I had one for palm fronds, and one for tree trunks and one for light colors.  See the box top things that the paint cans and squeeze jars are sitting in?  I took a bunch of those and set the cans and buckets and things in them so that if I spilled something it wouldn't go everywhere.  I only used large house painting brushes the first day for the large areas.  Day 2 and 3 I used my regular brushes.
This is the end of day 2.  At the end of the day I had the home owners look at the mural and I told them I wanted to kick up the color in the clouds.  They said fine, they would be happy to have more of a sunset feel there.  We always planned on there being a lot of color in the palms and the grasses, but the sketch they okayed didn't have a lot of color in the clouds on the horizon.
I finished day 2 much more confident that this mural was going to be fine.  The colors in the squeeze bottles made my life much easier.  I didn't worry the entire time about the mess and I could really concentrate on the project. I left at the end of day 2 knowing just what my next steps were going to be and fairly certain that I could complete this in one more day.

I decided to take a ride by the beach on my way home and take a look at the sunset for a little inspiration.  It was a lovely one.
 See you day 3.

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  1. Magnifique travail! de merveilleuses photos.Très joli post! je te souhaite aussi de très belles fêtes de fin d'année accompagnées de joie et bonheur !
    Belle journée à toi, et merci de tes visites sur mes pages!


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