Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Big Reveal, Tropical Pottery, ceramic flip flops, wall fish and mugs

Here is the finished kiln load we peeked into the other day.  All items came out A-Okay.  And those of you who have items ordered might see them here.

One of my blogger friends, Slipper Moon Studios, requested some face beads and spirit doll faces I think we are going to do a little collaborative project.  It should be fun.


  1. Will the blue and white coffee mugs be featured in your Etsy Shop?

  2. No, they are staying in my little gallery studio space. Would you want one?

    1. Sorry, forgot to check back on replies. Yes, the coffee mug looks good size...can't see the dolphins or that what I am seeing? Let me know next steps as I don't often order on line? send your info on my email? Thanks, Mary Ann


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