Sunday, August 4, 2013

You Are Amazing

My studio is always open.  I leave the door unlocked and there is a sign welcoming visitors to come in and look.  I have also added a "leave a note" station by the door.  And the wonderful thing is that people actually do leave notes.  I was thrilled to arrive at my studio and find the "you are amazing #smiley face" note. 
 I don't know who left it, but whoever you are.  YOU are the one who is amazing. 
THANK YOU! to everyone who has left notes.
Please feel free to pop into my studio anytime the building is open.
Building hours
Mon - Fri 10am to 4, Sunday noon to 3, closed Sat.
also open during events and workshops
The Studios of Key West
The Armory Building
600 White Street
My studio is
upstairs, last door on the left of the long hall


  1. I do love the seascape also. A bit abstract, which is starting to please me more and more. So sorry you're so far away, I'd be so happy to visit your studio, admire your work, discuss painting and pottery with you. Have a great week ! Maggie


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