Friday, July 26, 2013

10 Ways I Will Make This Painting Better

I went to Jim Salem's painting class yesterday.  I hadn't been to class in an age and felt I needed the discipline that the class setting brings.  Plus I got to see old friends and there where COOKIES!  We all did sunsets.  Everyone brought in sunset photos and they were shared.  I am basically happy with my painting, but I thought you might find it interesting to see how I evaluate a painting to decide if it is finished.  My very favorite prof from U of A (go wildcats!), Bruce McGrew, said all of the areas of a painting had to be resolved before you could call it finished.

Here are the 10 areas that I think need to be resolved and the how I plan to do so.  My next session on this painting will address these areas.   I will do the evaluation process again to decide if it is finished or not.  Stay tuned to see the final update. And don't you just LOVE the circles and arrows.
Do you think there's something I'm missing? Let me know.


  1. I like the combinations of orange and blue and you seem to be spot on for new details. I like a strong horizon line and I see your red circle...have fun!

  2. Thanks BSD. I'm working on it, but I have also created some new problems I have to fix. We'll see........


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