Friday, December 14, 2012

What's in a name?

Sometimes it seems harder to title a painting than to paint one, and titles are important.  They give you a second chance to make a connection with the viewer.  The first with the image, the second with the title.  But I am clueless on this one.  But it will come to me in time.
But one thing I want to share about this painting is that is started out as a Robert Burridge style drip painting.  He usually demonstrates "drip trees", but I turned it into sailboats.  For those of you not familiar with the technique,  you put a band of very loose paint across the top of the canvas, you turn the canvas upside down and let the drips run down the canvas.  Then you let the drips become the tree trunks and do some negative shape painting at the top to define the tree shapes, then paint on until all your areas are resolved.    I did the same thing but I flipped the canvas so that the drips became the sailboat masts.   Now, back to the title dilemma, something about dawn? something about a fleet?  Maybe "White Sails in the Sunrise", too corny?  Oh well, I have to get to work, everyone have a great day.


  1. Sail boat Forest? I love it and saw sail boats right away, yet love the abstraction.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Maggie!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Elizabeth. I do get the tree forest connection, still thinking......

  3. Love your art, Maggie! How about "Attention all Sails!"

  4. This is one magical painting Maggie! I love the masts, they seem to be marking the time like pendulums. The effect is really spectacular. Happy Holidays Maggie and keep on doing your thing. Hugs


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