Thursday, June 21, 2012

Should your car match your house?

Well the answer is YES! if you are The Studios of Key West.  TSKW (as they are know) is in the historic Armory building in old town Key West.  This cultural mecca  recently aquired a Rick Worth painted and tricked out van to give the building added curb appeal (as if it didn't already have it).   It's a real feather in your cap to own a Rick Worth painted car.  Rick doesn't have his own web address but his work can be seen at Lucky Street Gallery and he has a opening there on July 1.

I wish I could say that I painted this en plein air, but it has been raining to beat the band this week, so I did this in oil from a photo I took.

"Taking it to the Streets"  oil NFS


  1. Perfectly matched :-) Great painting, love the fresh colors !

    1. jane, I gave you a mention in my post today, I hope you don't mind.


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