Sunday, March 4, 2012

99 More

 The last day of the Robert Burridge workshop he stopped by my work table, pointed to one of the landscapes and said, "That's great, now do 99 more."   I took it as a challenge and decided to continue the series.  Here are the guidelines I have set for myself.  They will all be 11 x 14" like the original ones.  They will be cloud and water studies.  I will use big brushes, lots of water and paint fast and loose.  The hard parts will be staying loose and of course the 99 thing.  I have a bad case of short attention span so staying focused could be a problem.  I am not giving myself a deadline, but maybe I should, we'll see.  One really good thing is that I am always taking cloud photos and I probably have 200 that I can look at for inspiration if I need to.  The above landscape needs a couple of small tweaks.
 This painting is finished.  When I say it is finished, I don't mean it is perfect, just that it works for me at this current stage.
 This painting is finished.
I am not sure if this one is finished or not. I am happy with the compostion, but it might lack a focal point.  But not every painting, (in my opinion) needs a strong focal point.

I do want to add that my kiln is repaired, I am firing again and the next post will have some new pottery pieces.


  1. Dots all there isMarch 5, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    Love 'em all but especially the last one - you are amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments, I like the road one too, because when you are awake at that time of day it always feels so magic.

  3. What great stuff! I have been taking Rick Worths class and am so glad I am! Keep up the beautiful work!!!

    1. I have taken many Rick Worth classes over the years and love them. He is going to be giving a free demonstration at the Key West Art Center this Wed. at 1 pm. come if you can and introduce yourself to me.

  4. I love this series. Beautiful!


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