Sunday, February 5, 2012


See that dark round speck on the side wall of my kiln? Well something got on the element and burnt through it during my last firing. So the kiln didn't get hot enough at the top and now I have to get a new element and repair the kiln. It's always something.

But here are a few things that came out of the last firing. Some plaques for Margaritaville, and odds and ends for the gallery.

Some experimental sushi type dishes, faces and pineapples.

Some special order flip flops that had to match the fabric swatches. They have holes in them because they are going to be attached to a curtain valance. The drapery lady said she would sent me a photo after she got them installed.

And some mugs for the gallery and some mugs for Margaritaville. I am going to North Carolina to celebrate my Dad's birthday and when I come back I will have to get that kiln fixed because I have orders to do.

1 comment:

  1. I always smile at seeing your flip flops! Grand and fun colors!


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