Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learning curve

I have been wanting to paint a cow for quite some time.  While going through my stacks of paper to use there was another odd size one that just said "cow head" to me.  At the time I put my signature on it I thought it was finished but as I look at it now I see a number of improvements I could make, and that is a good thing.  It means I learned something.  But now the decision, do you go back and work on it some more? or do you leave it as is and apply what you learned to the next one?

acrylic on paper
about 15" x 15"


  1. I'd go to the next one Maggie. You did a fine job with this cow.I like the colors you used and the sad eyes.
    But who's the boss here? :)

  2. I think you are right Helen, going back into this one wouldn't have the same energy


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