Monday, August 22, 2011

Searching for a title

Sometimes it seems that finding the right title is harder than painting. This lovely blue heron and turtle are from a photo on In the photo they were facing away from each other. But I wanted the painting to be about their relationship. I placed them facing each other and they are having a converstion. They are very comfortable in each other's company dispite their differences. Now I just need a title that will say all of that in two or three words. It may take me awhile but I will come up with one. This painting is 20" x 24" and is still on the drying rack.

P.S. However, a painting where they are not looking at each other might be an interesting way to show a shift in their relationship.


  1. I like your story and the blue heron is majestic, as it should be ! Love your use of colors in the water.
    Umm, how about this. The bird is looking far away and says to the turtle " We've got visitors".

  2. How about your words... "despite our differences" or "Common Ground"


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