Sunday, January 16, 2011

Favorite subjects in larger sizes.

It is always a good feeling when one of the subjects you like to paint is also liked by the public. Often when I am painting, or have just finished a painting, I get an idea how to do it a little differently. If the public seens to enjoy what I am doing then I feel encouraged to go forward with my other ideas. All of the 10 x 8" beach path paintings have sold, so this time I did one in oil. It is 14 x 11" on canvas. Framed $295.00
I painted several 6 x 8" pelican paintings and they have all sold. I wanted to do another one but a little larger. This one is 8 x 10" on canvas, framed $225.00. I am thinking about doing a larger than life one, could be fun.
I hope everyone had as much fun with friends and family over the holidays as I did. It's time for me to get serious in the studio again. I think I am going to concentrate on pottery for a while.
Everyone have a good day.

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