Monday, December 13, 2010

Small in size, but big in color.

Key West Pelican $85

Laughing Gulls $85
The last couple of mornings I have hit the studio before my first cup of coffee was finished to do a couple of paintings I had in mind. I have painted pelicans and laughing gulls before, but they where all larger paintings. The Key West Art Center recently hung a show of small paintings and I had a good time doing them and wanted to do more. In the late winter and early spring the laughing gulls are in attendance at the painting class I go to, and their noise can be overwhelming. They love to crowd together and I find their black and white coloration very appealing. And who doesn't like pelicans? Well maybe the fisherman who have their bait and catch stolen.

Both of these paintings are 6" x 8" and painted around the edges rather than being framed (unusual for me). The first two photos have quite a bit of glare on them. The above photo shows the edges and seems to be free of glare.
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO DIANE SALTER! I won a wonderful collage from her blog. She is a busy woman making all sorts of wonderful things, so I am honored. Please take the time to visit her blog, My Art Journal.


  1. Hi Maggie-Boy this is just a whole different world than where I am--it's so cold and snowy here with not even one bird around--they've all deserted us. I needed to see these colorful warm paintings today.
    P.S. Make sure you email me your mailing address!!

  2. Fun paintings w/ such bold, great colors.


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