Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Bike Photos, (maybe)

There was a photo shoot for the bikes yesterday, isn't she pretty!

I'm like a proud parent here.

Notice the star hand grips

I had to put Key Lime pie on it.

Love the yellow rims.
Now the bikes get ridden in the Fantasy Fest Parade tomorrow night. I am having a surrogate rider. Then it goes to the Restaurant Store to be viewed until the auction. It will also be in the Christmas parade and I think I will ride it in that one. While it is in the Restaurant Store it will have a "buy me now" price. I do not know what that will be yet.


  1. IT LOOKS GREAT - and so do you I might add.

  2. What a will be grabbed up right away! What fun to be in a parade! You and the bike look great in the photo! Love love it!


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