Sunday, September 5, 2010

All American boy

Those of you who aren't familiar with Key West might not know that the city is home to a multitude of free range roosters and hens. So, chickens and roosters are a popular theme in our local art galleries. They are very Key West and hallowed Americana at the same time. This lovely fellow is painted in one of my favorite color combos, turquoise, red and black.

Happy Labor Day to all.

"All American Boy"
10 x 8"
acrylic on canvas panel
framed in a gold plein air frame


  1. These are majestic colors and the paint handling is magic!

  2. Boy, did you capture it right on - he is BEAUTIFUL and so majestic looking....

  3. Great rooster!!. He is very regal looking. I do so much love those creatures roaming the streets in KW. Some of my fave colors too. Use the turquoise and red in some of my fabric designs. Now I will add black since I see it looks great, lol! Thanks.


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