Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Odds and ends and a new turtle design.

Some fish spoon rests. P.S. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Store carries these on their web site.
Here are some new coaster designs. Set of four $25.00

3 - Palm platters come with small dip bowls and a pate knife. $74

New Turtle design, he has a kind of bewildered look. I'll work on that. He comes with a dip bowl too.

Odds and ends.

This morning's sunrise. My painting teacher is off to Italy for the month of September. So while he is gone I am going to work on my clouds. He likes the way I do my cloud edges, but he says all my clouds are separate and never layered like real clouds. So I took this photo of cloud layers this morning to be my inspiration.


  1. These are so fun-I love them! The turtle platter is my favorite-I have a weakness for turtles :)

  2. Super great odds and end...like the idea of dip bowl and pate knife as part of a set with platter.
    Clouds are not so easy...good luck!


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