Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've always wanted to paint a rainbow

Something that caught my attention when I was at the beach this summer was the wonderful selection of beach umbrellas. I remember when there where 4 choices, dark green, dark green and white stripes, dark blue and dark blue and white stripes. But these days there are many lovely choices. It was obvious however, that this summer the "rainbow" umbrella was the most popular. The beach was covered with them and it was very festive. Here is my take on the rainbow umbrella against the blue sky.

"A Sunny Day at Rainbow Beach" 20" x 24" $550 framed

A little cloud and sea study.
"Blue Water Sailing" 8" x 10 " $150 framed

Paintings on the wall in the gallery.

Gallery interior.
7 Artists Key West
604 Duval Street KW FLA


  1. The rainbow umbrella hasn't arrived out here. This is a wonderful have captured more than pure joy! Looks great on the gallery wall too!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You really captured it - let me know if there are prints of this one...

  3. Thanks for the kind words,

    Sorry Tom, no prints


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