Monday, August 9, 2010

Friends Since High School

I took this photo on North Topsail Beach in North Carolina this summer. I loved everything about the scene, the colorful umbrellas, the fact that all 3 women were about the same age, they were all reading, they all had L.L. Bean totes. And I liked the fact that they were together and separate at the same time. Each umbrella is like an island. I don't usually feel the need to go super real in my paintings and people are a challenge, so I decided to do a small one before I plunge into a larger one. So I got out my small brushes and went for it.
I did a sketch on a small canvas, and then changed my mind and decided because I wanted a lot of little detail to do it on smooth Bristol paper.

I used all kinds of paints, even the cheap craft paints I'm embarrassed to say I own. And then I thought I would use my pencils, but they didn't work as well as I had hoped, but they came in handy in some detail spaces.

So now I have a small study and plan to do a large one. I think the woman on the left came out best of the figures, but I like the umbrella on the right the best.
I'm calling it "Friends since high school"


  1. It's terrific and the composition of these women is amazing!
    Great color handling!

  2. LOVE this. What a great subject.

  3. What a great piece - and the COLOR!!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful painting - and post. I could identify with all your reasons for painting these great subjects (friends).

  5. Way Cool Maggie. How daring of you to take on a people picture. You nailed it!

  6. Maggie Maggie Maggie, I love this painting. Brings back memories of the Jersey Shore (and I don't mean that stupid TV show, lol) You are so very talented.

  7. Maggie,
    I am so happy to be able to see this painting. Friends doing what they do, concentrating ,but still together yes!!!I wish I could see it in person. Do you plan on making prints of this??If so let me know as I would like one!!!

    Anna Haulenbeek Huskey

  8. Maggie, I just love this painting. The companionship, even in separate pursuits, is there. Beautifully painted, as well.

  9. Lisa Reeder BurnsJune 21, 2011 at 6:48 AM

    Maggie, this painting feels good! Familiar setting....colorful, peaceful, together with friends cozy and beach. Love it. I would also like a copy or the original. Your style is wonderful to experience....


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