Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation Photos

My son Guy on Father's Day, it's all about the gifts.
Jake and me, early morning Hilton Head

Whitney and Jake, "cute shoes"

Guy multi-tasking, when they eat every 2 and a half hours, you have to.

Father and son

Jake with his bodyguard, Randy, aka BD

Beth with girls Kathryn and Caroline "Mom to the rescue"

The Guy Ruleys, Guy, Jake and Whitney

Caroline and Donna, Mother of the Groom

The Ben Ruleys, Beth, Caroline, Kathryn and Ben

"Watch your cocktail"

Rehearsal dinner, Guy, me, Ben, Randy with Jake, Whitney

With the Ben Ruleys, you know our names by now

The three "goombas" Frank, father of the groom, Randy and Guy

Uncle Ben

The Mark Ruleys, Mark and Andrea

The Dinnerware


  1. What great photos...good looking family with the latest new beautiful baby boy! Fun for everyone and a wedding too!

  2. Great pics of what I am sure was a great time - nice looking family..

  3. Oh Miss Maggie what a wonderful time and beautiful pictures,,,hunks, those sons of yours are,,,and You look so proud and happy,,,let alone just damn gorgeous,,,I miss you,,,Big Daddy looks better than ever,,,Xoxox's to all you love,,,Ms Honey


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