Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunflowers and dragonflies

I make a lot of these two piece entertainment sets. The most popular of the motifs I use on these sets is the pineapple, but I am always experimenting with new ones. These sunflowers have the same bright colors as the pineapples, so maybe some customers will find them appealing. They went into the gallery this week.

Dragonfly and Sunflower set $74.00


  1. As always - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I love the colors. Have a great trip and a good time at the wedding.

  2. Wow, Maggie! These are Fabulous! So bright and cheerful. I love the dragon flies and the sunflowers such a great combination! your sunset paintings in the previous post are absolutely stunning as well! You have really been up to some great work lately.


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