Sunday, July 4, 2010

Key West Sunset paintings

Key West Sunset #4

Key West Sunset #3

Key West Sunset #2

Key West Sunset #1
I had a great time visiting my family and grandson. I was sorry to leave them, but I am going to be seeing them all again at a family wedding next weekend. I will post a few family pictures then. In the two weeks I have been home it has been mostly "same old - same old" getting things together to go into the gallery. But I did sneak in a couple of new direction sessions. I am still working on the sunset set theme but with these I used a palette knife. These palette knife paintings got a little work each day until I was happy with them. We take our sunsets very seriously in Key West and I do plan to give them proper titles. Sometimes I know a painting's title almost at once and sometimes I have to live with it for awhile.
You are seeing these paintings framed because the canvas size is 6" x 8" , which is not a standard frame size. So these paintings come framed. They are acrylic on canvas, $125.00 each.
A Happy 4th of July to all.


  1. We also have a family wedding in a few weeks!
    On the other side of the country...we take our sunsets seriously's nothing for a group of locals to gather with cameras and easels!
    I like these and the palette knife makes it so!

  2. Beautiful!!!!
    I lived in Key west for about a year and half...Miss this little Paradise.

  3. Great paintings--the palette knife makes them so loose--I wish I could paint like this!

  4. Thanks all, the great thing about the palette knife is no brushes to clean.


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