Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smells like "paint by numbers"

"Island Beach Path" SOLD 8 x 10" oil on canvas
"Beach Path" and "Island Beach Path" hanging in 7Artists Key West
$275 each
p.s. "Sanibel Beach Path" sold

My computer is behaving like the bride of Frankenstein so I have been avoiding going on line, which has given me lots of time to paint. I have been going back and forth between oils and acrylics. This painting is oil. When the oil paintings are finished I bring them upstairs into the house to dry. Randy (my honey) came into the house and said, "Smells like paint by numbers!" I remember them fondly, the little skinny brushes and the tiny pots of paint and staying in the blue lines. But even then the thrill was more about the process of painting more than the finished painting.


  1. I remember those paint by number...those little plastic pots with snap on caps. Some color were so wonderful that I loaded it on thick. My mom and dad kept the large finished pieces hanging in the den and in later years to my embarrassment. I'm painting oils on the deck and acrylic in the studio inside.

  2. The process is fun, but the finished project is great! I also remember the paint by numbers (do they still have them?) I would get upset, because I couldn't stay in the lines--now it's the opposite--I don't like when I'm too controlled.

  3. It may smell like paint by numbers, but it doesn't look like it! I just love them, Maggie!

    Yeah, I hate when my computer sprouts that white skunk stripe down its back! Yuck. Glad you could post these!

  4. I don't know if they still make "paint by numbers". I hope they do. I used to get one every Christmas, and it is funny, I can't remember the subject matter of a single one. I just remember how much fun they were.

    Painting oils outside sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks for all the kind words.


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