Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sanibel Island Beach Path

" Beach Path" In this painting I like the color of the water and the subtle gray of the shadow.

"Sanibel Beach Path" SOLD In this painting I like the dark cloud and the little glow of light under it.
My background as a production potter seems to make me want to do things in multiples. When I do something once, I always see a few things I could have done differently. These two beach path paintings were done on two successive days. Each one has elements that I like. They are oil paintings on canvas mounted on ampersand board. I painted in the background very loosely with oils thinned down with turps and then proceeded to finish the paintings with my palette knife. I add Lukas painting butter to the paint while I work. It extends the paint and speeds up the drying time. I only use it with the palette knife, not with the brush. I like the hard surface of the board with the palette knife. For inspiration I used a photo I had taken on Sanibel Island, one of my favorite places, several years ago. I still see things I would like to do differently with the shadows, so maybe I wll do it again. They are both 8 x 10 inches.
Sanibel Beach Path 1 and 2 $275.


  1. I like both...second one has a louder punch but both are great...good to know your take on painting the hard panels.

  2. Maggie- These are wonderful and gooshy and so free. The colors are wonderfull. Love them. They would make nice prints. I like the second one best but they are both great!

  3. I am trying to use up odds and ends in the studio. I have a big hunk of canvas and an assortment of boards. I don't like the boards, the surface is too slick for me, so I adhered the canvas to the boards with medium and gave them a coat of gesso. The oil paint is seldom used but I am trying to use it up. But it is so messy. I wear gloves and still have it everywhere.

  4. Love these. The first is my favorite -- I like the gray shadows.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love them both but if push comes to shove - the second one gets my vote. The colors are fantastic -

  6. I love Sanibel and this painting makes me feel like I am there! Very peaceful!


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