Monday, March 29, 2010

Transition of a painting

This painting was started in the painting class I like to go to on Thursdays. I wasn't thrilled, but I didn't hate it either.
I decided I wanted to see a little more "air" in the painting and totally screwed it up.

The joy of acrylic paints is that there are infinite possibilities, just keep painting. I decided most of the pink had to go, some of the white had to be whiter and to give it texture and movement there had to be splatter. (I love splatter, but you do have to think when you do it) Now it seems to be a better representation of the thrill of spring, and just in time for Easter.
"Treat yourself to Flowers" #4
12 x12"


  1. I'm no botanist but the red stamens (pistols?) are more important now that the pink is subdued. Hope you get a big chocolate bunny!

  2. Yeah, that pink had to go away. If I get a chocolate bunny, I'll bite the ears off.

  3. I love it! Either way - with or without the pink! But I'm a huge fan as you know....

  4. beautiful paintings, the flowers and the background r just prfect for each other :)

  5. Hi Janis, I hope you had a happy easter and thanks for looking

    Hello JR I appreciate the feedback.


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