Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Robert Burridge trees.

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Robert Burridge Trees

This is two photos of the same painting. Neither one is quite right so I'm using them both. I have got to remember to take the photos BEFORE I varnish the paintings. The glare is distracting. I've been focusing on landscapes lately and last week I saw a blog from Nancy Standlee who had been in a Robert Burridge workshop. She posted her version of the "Burridge Trees". I was very envious. I would have loved to have taken his 5 day workshop. (I have taken his 3 day one.) I decided instead of feeling sorry for myself I would do the lesson in my studio. First the paper or canvas is covered in splotches of color and splatters and then using negative shape painting you define the tree shapes. After I pulled out the shapes of the trees I started applying thin glazes of color to define areas. In this painting I also used a water soluble pencil to draw into the painting.
There is another painting in progress that I will post next. In the meantime, to find out about my Robert Burridge workshop experience see the posts from May 2009
Below are links to the painters I mentioned. They both do some wonderful work.


  1. Hi Maggie,
    my best compliment for yours work.
    Your painting are simply wonderfull i like a lot the expressionism

  2. Maggie, I love your red hair. I tend to give my women red hair in my paintings. Your trees are wonderful and I want to try some more but I've just gotten to this point after 7 Burridge workshops.

  3. Thank you Nancy. I always enjoy your workshop reviews. They are energizing and thoughtful.


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