Friday, November 6, 2009


For the last 18 months I have had supply problems getting the clay I like. I was having friends bring it to me from St. Pete and the Jacksonville area. So, I never knew when I would get clay next. Therefore, I was very stingy how I used the clay and was only making smaller items. But recently a new clay supplier appeared in Miami that carries the clay I like and I can get it trucked down to me. It's costly, but not as costly as trucking it from Jacksonville. The day after I got the clay I sat at my wheel and threw 8 large bowls. I am in the process of decorating and firing them now.
Bowl number one is finished in a pineapple - papaya motif.

Here is a side view.
Pineapple - papaya bowl $125.00


  1. Why do you do this to me?????? LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.....

  2. Yea! Don't you just love abundant supplies?! Congrats and lovely work!


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