Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been having camera software issues lately so getting my photos from my camera to my computer has put me through a "learning a new technique" head ache. I think I have it figured out now, but the new method is very time consuming. No more just push a button. Perhaps I should not have dropped the camera!
Anyway, enough fussing here are some herb pots with little saucers designed to fit on a kitchen window sill. My original intention was for these to be quick, fun items, but no, I had to pick a complicated design. Oh well, they are cute. I have put them in my stock pile of items I am taking to the Vero Beach show in November.
Flower pot and matching saucer $38


  1. Oh Maggie these are way cute. How about a package of Basil seeds in each one? Love these!


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