Monday, September 21, 2009


Recently I have found that taking photos of my work while it is in progress helps me critique my work and make corrections. I think seeing the image with out the distractions of the paint covered surfaces is very beneficial. It is like putting a mat around your work to check it but you don't have to stand there with the mat in your hand. This nativity painting is almost finished. But I see things I don't like. The left side is wrong, that fence post thing will probably go away and that house shape. The shepherd boy to the left has problems. The pattern on the collar just looks messy and I either need to darken his face or lighten the figure (one of the Magi) behind him. The lights in the houses are all the same color, not good, and the yellow brick road is too much. So those are my next steps. Too bad, because I was hoping to be finished with this painting today. I've been singing Steve Earle's "Nothing but a child" for days now. And while it is my favorite Christmas song, I'm ready to move on.

1 comment:

  1. I'm no art critic, but I like it, especially the bright colors of the figures in the foreground, and the cool colors of the Magi. And I love the houses in the background.


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