Thursday, May 21, 2009


One of the wonderful things about workshops is the free exchange of really useful information.

The photo above shows different size mats within easy reach. These are used to isolate your image and determine what, if anything else, needs to be done. Here are some other nuggets of information I learned.

  1. Don't be scared, just get some paint down.
  2. Paint brushes have two ends, use both.
  3. Use larger brushes.
  4. Or don't use brushes, use your fingers and......
  5. .....Viva paper towels.
  6. Use more water,
  7. No really, USE MORE WATER!
  8. Paint flat.
  9. Stand with one foot on a brick.
  10. Draw more.
  11. Don't be afraid of black.
  12. Make a mess, and then, "oh look, a tree".
  13. Nova paints, the world's best kept secret.
  14. Paint a series, always.
  15. Composition and color theory are a road map to a successful painting.
  16. Under every good painting is a good abstract painting.
  17. Dark against light, light against dark.
  18. Where's your focal point?
  19. The answer is always "YES"
  20. Your artists statement is always changing.....
  21. .....and yes, you must have one.
  22. You can change your mind.
  23. Minwax Polycrylic - artist quality acrylic varnish at hardware store prices.
  24. Utrech gesso.
  25. Paint, Paint, Paint.


  1. Thats great. But I don't think I can remember them all and paint at the same time. Want to go to a party Fiday at the lodge? Caren's and Jessie's B'day.

  2. Really good summary of Bob's process.


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