Monday, April 13, 2009


Back to basic hand building. I've rolled out a slab of clay, I've used a template to cut out the shape I want. I move the shape to a piece of heavy canvas. I use a sponge to smooth out the clay.

Next I cover the piece of clay with some dry cleaner plastic and smooth it out. Then I flip the clay slab into the dish I am using as a form. The piece of plastic will be between the clay and the dish. This keeps the clay from sticking to the dish.

Next I use my fingers and flute the edge. While this piece is drying I put some tiles in the center of the form so that the bottom will dry flat. You can see lots of examples of finished platters in earlier posts. I pair these platters with small bowls for dip and sell them together as entertainment sets.

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  1. That is really pretty cool - is there a reason that you use canvas? Have a good day and hope that your tooth is ok today. Rained pretty good last night so we will be able to see how the rain barrel worked.


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