Sunday, April 12, 2009


I use many different techniques to make my pottery. One of them is handbuilding, which means not using the potters wheel, or molds, or press machines. Handbuilding can be very easy or very complicated. Here is an easy project straight out of the hand books. Start with a slab of clay. I use a slab roller because I do so much, but you can use a rolling pin.

Next cut out your shape, I use templates so that I get the same shape every time. With my slab roller I can do lots of pieces at once. Right now I am showing you what to do with the long skinny oval in the front of the photo.

Move your cut out pieces to a canvas and smooth them with a wet sponge. Next take one end of the oval and pinch it together and roll it towards you. Pinch the other side and roll it in the opposite direction. Now you will have a boat shaped dish. You can leave it plain or you can use your fingers to flute the edges like I do. You might want to click on this photo to enlarge it so you can really see how it's done.

Here are a couple of these dishes finished. I paint olives on the inside and sell them as olive dishes. They are easy and fun to make. And while this project is right out of a beginners book the results are great.


  1. Well that looks easy! I don't think you should show how to make the dip dish otherwise everyone will be making them! Have a good night at the gallery. Pam Happy Easter

  2. I love it - Pottery 101 on Easter morning. Hope that you have a grat day - will talk with you later. Love you.... (and Randy too)


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