Friday, February 13, 2009


This painting "Midnight Orchid" is a very recent painting. It shows a very different approach to painting than my other floral pieces. But that is not a surprise. My painting style is constantly changing and evolving. I love to experiment and say "WHAT IF?" Not knowing the outcome is very energizing for me. There is no right or wrong way to paint (in my opinion, that is). The orchid I chose to paint in my painting class was very, very frilly and very large. When I got back to the studio to work on it I decided that the ruffles and frills were what I was drawn to and what I wanted to emphasize. The rest of the painting resolved itself around those ruffles. It is a very sweet and romantic painting. Remember tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

Midnight Orchid, 12" x 12" in a black frame $225.00
Available at 7 Artists Key West (305) 293-0411

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