Creative mentor programs.

Whenever I post something about my classes on my Facebook page, I always gets comments from painters who can't make it to my studio saying they wish they could work with me. So if you don't live in Key West, but want to work with me..................
Good News,  I've got just the thing for you! A mentor program with varying levels of participation and time commitment.

The Creative Catalyst
The Creative Momentum
The Creative Connection

Descriptions of the programs are at the bottom of this page.

But first read more.  What is this mentor program and how does it work?

Simply put, we will work together.  You'll paint in your home/studio/wherever and receive guidance and support from me via email, phone and Facebook.  I'll review your work, give creative feedback and establish your next best steps just as if you were with me in the studio.  This kind of regular support and interaction is what many painters need to stay engaged with their creative practice.

Who is it for? And why?

 Let me tell you a story.  Amanda was taking painting classes and for some reason or another they came to an end. At the end of the classes she was in the groove.  She was feeling good about her  paintings and what she had accomplished.  She had even framed some of the paintings and they were hanging with pride in her house.  She enjoyed painting and and was determined to keep painting on her own. She loved that feeling of improvement and increased confidence.  So, she scheduled painting days in her calendar, got her paints together, and had a couple (or three) really good painting sessions. But then "life got in the way" (her words exact). The days she scheduled to paint got chipped away by one thing and another (kids, family, meetings, etc.) and before you know it weeks had gone by and she was out of the groove.  And now she's finding hard to get started again.  Sigh................................
Does this sound familiar?  Do you want/need to get your groove back?  To find your painting mojo?

If you want to get back in the creative groove and find your painting mojo again, let's talk about making that happen.

Tell me more!


Why there are different participation levels;

Because you, my dear lovely creatives, are not a one-size-fits-all community.

The Creative Catalyst:

The Creative Catalyst is a 7 week get-back-on-track interactive personal support system. The emails, painting evaluations and personal phone calls are spaced to give you a steady stream of feed back and guidance.  Plus you'll have free access to the Creative Catalyst Facebook group during our 7 weeks together.

For details about the Creative Catalyst,  CLICK HERE.

The Creative Momentum Maker

The Momentum Maker is 4 weeks of support and guidance via phone, email, and painting evaluations. It's a lighter version of the Creative Catalyst, perfect for painters who want support but have a busier schedule, or want to go more slowly.  You'll have free access to the Creative Catalyst Facebook group during our 4 weeks together.

For details about the Momentum Maker,  CLICK HERE.

The Creative Connection

The Creative Connection is paid access to the Creative Catalyst Facebook group.  This is perfect for you if you want to enjoy the benefits of support, inspiration and feedback from fellow artists and access to me in a group setting. Never underestimate the power of the group!

For details about the Creative Connection,  CLICK HERE.

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