Monday, May 15, 2017

Well that was a bust!


I had the bright idea (artists have a lot of those) that I had the tech savvy to make the "What's New" section of my website function as my blog and feed it out to the world like I do with this blog.
Short version, it ain't happening.

But the good news is this blog is dependable (thank goodness) and can chug along just fine with only an occasional tune up. And as a bonus I now have 2 places where friends can see what's going on in my studio: good old blogger and a brand new website.

So the news is I have a New Website

Yes, I've dragged myself into 21st century by updating my website, finally......................... 
The new site is sleek and makes me feel cool and hip. (you're supposed to giggle here) 

I'd love it if you'd look. If anything is not working or you see problems please let me know.

The web address is the same as the old one, but the new site is much prettier and easier to navigate.

And now on to fun stuff.

There's a great group of Plein Air painters here in Key West that go out and paint every Wednesday.  Now that the town has gotten a little quieter I don't feel so bad about playing hooky and joining them for a few hours of outdoor painting.  I've really enjoyed it.  One week we painted Tennessee William's House. Not his anymore of course, but we all still call it that. The next week we painted in the section of town called "The Meadows".  It's crammed with extremely lovely houses and cottages that are a joy to paint. 

1431 Duncan Street,  oil, 11 x 14"  SOLD
Tennessee Williams' House

Lovely on Olivia 
acrylic, $345, 11 x 14"
Maggie Ruley, 2017

Thank goodness I had a shady spot to paint in.

I like the way the fence comes up to the tree.

Everyone have a good day,

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Maggie Ruley is a studio artist living in Key West, Florida. 

Her colorful paintings and tropical pottery are collected world wide and can be found in many island homes. She has been featured in the Key West Citizen,
the New York Daily News , and other publications.

Her handmade ceramic flip flops have been sold in gift shops all along the east coast and in California and Hawaii.

 Her studio and gallery is located in the historic Seaport area of Old Town Key West.
Maggie Ruley~Island Inspirations
933b Fleming St.
Key West Florida 33042

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