Friday, February 14, 2014

LOVE, Gettin' Diggi With It

Wishing you Hearts and Stars on St. Valentine's Day
Big Love to you!
from Me and my beautiful granddaughters
Kathryn Ruley
Caroline Ruley
Big Love

Polka Dotty Heart and Stars
by Caroline Ruley

Emerging Love
by Kathryn Ruley
Lovey Dovey
Hidden Love

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All images digital files
Big Love ©Maggie Ruley 2013
Polka Dottie Heart and Stars ©Caroline Ruley 2013
Emerging Love ©Kathryn Ruley 2013
Lovey Dovey ©Maggie Ruley 2013
Hidden Love ©Maggie Ruley 2013


  1. Wow! Very nice and so colorful! Love them hearts. Happy Valentine Day to you too! :)

    1. Thanks Helen, have a warm and toasty Valentine's Day


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