Sunday, October 13, 2013

No art supplies? Problem solved

Flowers in the Field
I am away from home with no art supplies but I am using my favorite art app on my I-Pad to stay engaged.  It is Paper 53. What I like about Paper 53: I can add and subtract layers.  It has a wonderful color mixing system. You can rewind and undo mistakes. The images just glow on the screen.  You can send them to your camera roll, tweeter and email them.  It works fine without a stylus, but I do have one.
On the minus side:
I do wish it had a couple more brush and line sizes.  You do need to pay if you want to get the most out of the app.  The file size is small and I think if you try to enlarge them they will be fuzzy.  I have not tried to print them out.
What does the Butterfly say?

Maybe this should be my Christmas card

I also like a non-Christmas Holiday card, this might work.

The images can be simple too.

Plaid flowers are fun

to see more Paper 53 images click here



  1. Maggie, these are fun and quite wonderful. Technology is an amazing addition to our art bags these days. Thanks for sharing.

    1. you are so welcome, and it is great to hear from you.

  2. Delightful designs Maggie! And I agree with you , your Christmas trees are just the thing.

    1. Alas, the file size is really small nod they don't print out very well. But I could use it as a sketch and do a painting to use


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